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In the 10 months since publishing my documentary "Blue Beat Baby", I have received so much kind feedback and enthusiastic questions about Brigitte and how I uncovered her story.

I will be real - I did not plan on doing any of this research and documentary work! But oops. I did.

My work with Brigitte all started out by me simply trying to design an updated Beat Girl pin to go alongside my other Banbury badge reproductions. I wanted the redesign to have a face that was more reminiscent of Brigitte Bond, the woman she was based on, so off to google images I went. The first photo result at the time was this photo with the description that mentions a "sex change". At that time, I had heard nothing of Brigitte being transgender, so I began to google around with frustratingly few results. Was this the truth, or was it a case of mis-matched data on a stock footage site? Miraculously, an original press photo showed up on eBay soon after I started researching. What I did not know when I purchased it is that it had an original blurb on the back that confirmed that she was trans. The rest of the blurb left me with more questions, (Engaged? Sir John Waller? Large inheritance? What?!) and it was down the rabbit hole from there.

I got "stuck" around 1965, because I did not yet know she had changed her stage surname from "Bond" to "Saint John". I texted my friend Heather Augustyn to see if she had any info on her, since I knew she was writing "Rude Girls" at that time. We traded what information we had and agreed to share what we found going forward.

I spent about two weeks looking for anyone named Brigitte that could have matched, and came across her name in an accidental way - by a misspelling of the folk singer Bridget St. John's name on Ready, Steady, Gone!. Googling "Brigitte St. John" was promising, but I did not want to get my hopes up too high since I could not confirm it was actually her. Once again, eBay miraculously delivered an original press photo from "The Billy Graham Incident" stating that she was trans. That was the smoking gun for me. It was her! From there, research opened up a lot and I was able to fill in a decade of her life performing as Brigitte Saint John.

I do often wonder if she changed her stage name again after 1976 and that is what is stopping me from finding her...but I have combed (and continue to comb) through countless vedette and "adult" ephemera from that time and place and have yet to find any that are definitely her. The closest possibility to her changing her name I have found is Brigitte Saint Jacques, but all I am going off of is name and face similarity. Nothing else can be found on this singer, so I'm not holding my breath that this is the same person.

My research is still ongoing and I do something with it nearly every single day. I really enjoy it and find it very fulfilling. This whole accidental journey has inspired me to dig even deeper into Ska and subculture history, and I plan to share more of that soon on this blog, YouTube, and Instagram. Please follow me to keep up to date with my fascinating finds.

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I have created a map with all the locations related to Brigitte. You may explore the map by clicking the image below:

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Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Hello! If you are reading this post, chances are you saw my documentary, "Blue Beat Baby: The Untold Story of Brigitte". First off, thank you for watching and seeking out further information. This has truly been a passion project, and my passion does not end with the documentary being complete. I am continuing to search for her, and planning on updating this timeline as I learn more.

This post will serve as a "master timeline" for my research on Brigitte Bond/Brigitte Saint John/Brigitte St. John/Giovanna (Unknown Surname), however, there will be separate posts about Brigitte on this blog. My comments about the content in the timeline will be highlighted in yellow.

Some of the "known unknowns" first:

  • Her birthdate and age is unknown, and her age shifts throughout the years in media coverage, but she was likely born in 1943-1945. I lean to her birthdate between February and May 1944.

  • Her nationality is also inconsistent - she is referred to as "French", "French-Maltese", "French-Italian", and "Italian".

  • She shared she was born in Malta, but has also claimed to be from Marseilles.

  • Her mother was French and possibly a member of a wealthy family in the textile industry in Marseilles.

  • Her father's nationality is inconsistent - he is referred to as "Maltese", "Maltese-Italian", and "Italian".

  • I do not know what happened to her - I "lose" her after 1976.


February 2nd, 1964

Brigitte Bond and The Contrasts at Southall Community Centre (20 Merrick Rd)

Middlesex County Times and West Middlesex Gazette, Sat, Feb 1, 1964

February 21st, 1964

Bobby King & The Sabres with Bridget Bond & The Hysterics Glenlyn Ballroom (15 Perry Vale, Forest Hill, Southeast London) (Source: Garagehangover)

February 25th, 1964

Prince Buster arrives at Heathrow Airport. Brigitte Bond is one of the musicians to greet him.

The two are photographed together dancing The Twist, which later appeared in the May 19, 1979 issue of Melody Maker. Hunt Emerson used as inspiration for The Beat's band logo, "The Beat Girl".

Daily Mirror, Wed., Feb 26th, 1964
The King and Queen of Blue Beat meet The "King and Queen of Blue Beat" met for the first time yesterday. This picture (above, right) was taken a few minutes after the "King" 26- year-old Jamaican Prince Buster stepped off the plane at London Airport from Paris. The "Queen," 19-year-old Brigitte Bond, and a crown of Mods were there to greet him. Prince Buster, in regulation Mod uniform of narrow - brimmed trilby and shirt with a "Dr. Kildare" collar, is here for television and a month's concert tour. Rhythm He said: "I sing West Indian blues. My record 'Wash, Wash' is No. 1 in the Jamaican charts. "It will take this country by storm. We will oust the Beatles. They are good boys and have harmony, but they need my rhythm" Brigitte has made several records, including "Blue Beat Baby."

That evening, Prince Buster held a private reception to promote Blue Beat/Ska at the May Fair Hotel (Stratton Street, London).

March 6th, 1964

Brigitte performed with The Eagles, Eddie Langdon Group, and Roy Starr and the Cherokees at The California Ballroom (Whipsnade Road, Dunstable).

March 14th, 1964

First official promotion of Brigitte's single, "Blue Beat Baby/Oh Yeah Baby" being released.

Record Mirror, Week of March 14, 1964

(Please note, there is no confirmed release date for this single. I estimated the release date based on using promotional patterns of Blue Beat, The 2 i's Coffee Bar, The Flamingo Jazz Club, and the average timeframe between single release/single review in Record Mirror)

March 20th, 1964

Brigitte Bond at The (Jazz) Cellar Club, Kingston upon the thames, Southwest London (Kingston & Malden Borough News, via Garagehangover)

March 23rd, 1964

Brigitte Bond, Eddie Langdon & The Cracksmen at Bridgwater's Town Hall. (High Street, Bridgewater) (Top Twenty Club)

March 28th, 1964

"Here comes the 'Blue Beat Baby'" photo advertisement.

Record Mirror, Week of March 28, 1964

April 4th, 1964

A review of her single was published in Record Mirror, along with an unfortunately positioned advertisement for the single.

Record Mirror, Week of April 4th, 1964
BRIGITTE BOND: Blue Beat Baby; Oh Yeah Baby (Blue Beat BB 212). French Girl, hailed as the Princess of Blue Beat...but it's clearly a white performance on essentially a coloured music. Should garner useful sales, though.

April 23rd, 1964

Blue Beat at The Flamingo: Brigitte Bond, Ruddy & Sketto, Cyco & Caribs, Duke Vin Sound System

Record Mirror, Week of April 25th, 1964

May 9, 1964

Appeared in Tit-Bits May 9, 1964

by David Hunn Brigitte Bond, self-styled Queen of the Blue Beat in Britain, has plenty in common with her namesakes, Brigitte Bardot and James Bond. Like Bardot and 007, Brigitte has a licence to thrill. She thrilled me when I saw her in a Soho coffee bar - and not just by her stunning looks. Her accent fascinated me when she told me about herself. Said the smouldering mam'selle: "My mozzair ees in textiles. Beeg Beezneess in Marseilles, much money. Beeg house, everysing. Me, I do not want. Money, yes, Beezness, no. So I come away." In search of pop-singing fame, 19-year-old Brigitte came straight to London's Two Is coffee bar, where manager Tom Littlewood has steered many a vocalist to fame. Brigitte latched on to the West Indian blue beat sound and soon won a recording contract for Blue Beat Baby and Oh Yeah, Baby. "Ees a marvellous noise," she said as we played the disc. "I just have to move wiz eet." And how she moves!

May 18, 1964

Possibly at Margate Beach during the clashes between Mods & Rockers during the Whitsun Weekend. (Hayat Dirgisi via Oguztopoglu)

May 21, 1964

Evening Standard, May 21, 1964
I'll be Lady Waller in 4 months says Brigitte Evening Standard Reporter Singer Brigitte Bond perched on a coffee bar stoll in Soho today and announced: "In four months, I will be Lady Waller." Dark-eyed Brigitte, aged 20, plans to marry 46-year-old Sir John Waller, the seventh baronet. Today she talked of her fortnight's courtship and her plans after marriage. "It may seem strange to some people, but he proposed when we met only two weeks ago. he had bought a record of mine and saw my photograph outside the Two I's coffee bar. One day he rang up and invited me to lunch at the Stork Room. During the lunch he asked me to marry him and I said 'Yes.' The age difference "Since then we have been seeing a lot of each other. Last niight he came to the coffee bar where I sometimes sing and told me he had bought a ring. He will be giving it to me on Friday." Brigitte said she had already met some of Sir John's relatives and was being introduced to his friends. The age difference, Brigitte contended, didn't really apply. "He's a wonderful man; so terribly polite and well mannered. He has a spirit of a 20-year-old and likes my music." 'Wives are permanent' Sir John was a little more cautious about his wedding plans. Speaking from his flat in Kensington, he said: "We have only met a few times and you can certaiinly say that marriage has been discussed. We are gradually getting to know each other. One has to be careful. This isn't like buying a new pair of shoes. Wives are permanent." Commenting. on a report that Sir John will get £250,000 (adjusted for inflation in 2021: £3,575,292 / USD $4,370,970) from a trust when he has a son aged 10, Brigitte said: "Money just doesn't come into it. I earn £120 a week net (Adjusted for inflation in 2021: £1,716.14 / USD $2,098.07) and will be doing so for the next 10 years. I know Sir John - he calls me 'the flower of his life' - has a lot of money, but I do well enough." Letter to mother She added: "But we will have a baby. I have, of course, warned him that it could be a girl." Brigitte, who is French-Maltese, has written to her mother of her wedding plans. She hopes the wedding will coincide with the launching of her latest record - I'm a Big Girl Now. Mr. Tom Littlewood, Brigitte's manager, has known Sir John for about six years. "He's very interested in Brigitte's singing and I wasn't a bit surprised when I heard him talking about a proposal," he said.

May 21, 1964

An engagement announcement for Sir John Waller and Brigitte Bond was published in Hayat Dergisi. (via Hayat Dirgisi via Oguztopoglu)

Original Text (Turkish)

Last Sunday, on the first Sunday of May, on the Margate beach of England, the fierce rivals of the rebellious youth 20-year-old beautiful and hot rock singer Brigitte Bond, who was on the side of one of the parties in the fight, accepted the marriage proposal of Sir John Waller, one of the British nobles. After the young girl announced the news to the press, "I hope to give my future husband the child he has wanted to have for a long time." he said. Indeed, the most important aspect of this marriage for Sir John Waller is to have a child as soon as possible. Because only in this way will it be possible to inherit 6.250.000 liras. The baron's family left this fortune to him on one condition. Saying to reporters that it was true that he proposed to the young singer, 46-year-old Sir John Waller is thus in a race against time and has taken the first step towards uniting his life with the young singer, whom he hopes will give him the necessary child to acquire a huge fortune. Pictured is Brigitte Bond and Sir John Waller together after announcing their marriage project they are seen...(Google Translation)

May 25, 1964

While I am unclear about the earliest mention of Brigitte being transgender, photo data on the press photo attached to the story states it originated on May 25th, 1964. The original press photo I own has a date of June 3, 1964.

LONDON: Brigitte Bond, who used to be a boy, also used to be engaged to Sir John Waller, but now the wedding is off. Sir John discovered that it wouldn't be possible for them to have children. So Brigitte, who underwent a sex-change operation, has changed her plans of becoming a bride to continue with her singing career in London. Also since she is due to inherit a fortune left by hr grandfather, when she reaches 25 years of age.

However, the earliest published article I found (to date) was on June 8th 1964 in US papers. This was published in many newspapers across the United States over the period of several months.

WAS A BOY - Brigitte Bond, 22, who underwent a sex change operation to become a girl instead of a boy, is going back to a singing career instead of becoming a bride in London. Her engagement to Sir John Waller was broken when he learned they couldn't have children. Brigitte inherits a fortune left by grandfather when she's 25. Where Boys Were - Brigitte Bond, 22, is going back to a singing career instead of becoming a bride in London. Her engagement to Sir John Waller was broken when he learned they couldn't have children. Brigitte underwent a sex change operation to become the girl she is.

Interestingly, it seemed as though Sir John was not overly heartbroken, as an article published on May 17, 1964 in The Sydney Morning Herald stated that he had decided to marry his "penniless childhood sweetheart" (which, obviously did not work out).

June 4,1964 - June 13,1964

Brigitte had a residency at Bertie Green's Astor Club (Fitzmaurice Place & Berkeley Square) with The Mudlarks, The Islanders, Plus Bertie Green's Lovely Astor Girls (Evening Standard Newspaper)

Controversial glamor star Brigitte Bond, U.S.A star Madelaine Bell, Steve Perry, & Bertie Green's Astor Girls GRO 3181 Again the controversial glamor star Brigitte Bond, The Mudlarks, The Islanders, plus Bertie Green's Lovely Astor Girls. Fully air conditioned GRO 3181.

June 27, 1964

Brigitte wore a topless evening gown at Hilton Hotel in London.

La Stampa Newspaper (Italy), June 30, 1964

Original Text (Italian)

In London, singer Brigitte Bond appeared at the Hilton Hotel nightclub last night in an evening dress that left her chest completely uncovered, but no one has shown noticing. The singer stayed in the club for about an hour. Brigitte, who was born in Malta to a French father and Maltese mother, later reported purchasing the dress in a London department store on Friday. "I had a great desire to put it - he added - my friends have proposed me to go to the Hilton for a drink. I thought it was the opportunity I was looking for. Once I wore it, I felt really comfortable. It was a wonderful experience."

July 30, 1964

Brigitte was mentioned twice in The Stage newspaper. The first article is about the Bailey Organization expanding, and Brigitte was mentioned as an artist who worked among their circuit of clubs. This could mean she was likely working at these clubs regularly, even if she was not headlining or billed as a performer.

The second article discusses her upcoming performances and tour.

BLUE-BEAT BOND Controversial French-Maltese Blue Beat girl Brigitte Bond is currently scoring in cabaret at Middlesbrough, leaves shortly for an African our which will take her to Mombasa, Nairobi and Salisbury.

According to this online comment, she performed at the Sombrero Club on Moktar Daddah Street in Nairobi. This club would later be renamed "Club Hollywood", "Hollywood Lips", "Brilliant", and "Monte Carlo" and became a popular spot in the Kenyan Reggae scene.

August 11, 1964 - August 13, 1964

Brigitte headlined the Midnight Cabaret at the Cavendish Club (10 Grey St. Newcastle), performing after Dick Haymes.

August 13, 1964

Brigitte was now managed by The Arthur Lowe Agency Ltd. Brigitte is described as "the controversial sex change girl with the velvet singing voice"

The Stage Newspaper, August 8, 1964

August 28, 1964 - November 20, 1964

Brigitte had been working regularly at The Pelican Club (~28 St. Ann Court). The club had been under investigation for illegal activity, including Brigitte's behavior of stripping fully nude. The Pelican Club was across the alley to what would later home Trident studios, where music legends such as The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, Rolling Stones, and Tina Turner recorded.

Stripper who cried for shame (Daily Mirror (London), Nov. 14, 1964

Tales of Strip Dancers Bared in London Court (Albuquerque Journal, Nov. 15, 1964)

Girls Danced Naked at Soho Club (Nov. 20, 1964)

Striptease Dancer 'Burst Into Tears' (West London Star, Nov. 20, 1964)

I do speculate if the "Paul" referenced in the autographed headshot below is the same "Paul" that P.c. Frank Rushworth used as an alias. The photo does seem like it's from that period in her career. Possibly used for evidence/identity verification that Brigitte was one who danced fully nude?


April 8, 1965

Brigitte went on a tour of South Africa and Rhodesia in early 1965.

The Stage, April 8, 1965
Busy Brigitte Back in Britain after a highly successful tour in South Africa and Rhodesia is singer-dancer Brigitte Bond. Although she has received many offers of overseas films and cabaret dates, Brigitte is embarking on a tour of Northern clubs starting with La Dolce Vita on Monday where she tops the bill with Jimmy Wheeler. She will shortly be making a new record.

April 11, 1965 - April 17, 1965

Brigitte headlined for a week at the prestigious La Dolce Vita Newcastle (36-42 Low Friar S., Newcastle).

Evening Chronicle, Newcastle, April 8, 1965

June 30, 1965

Brigitte performs in Madrid, Spain for (presumably) the first time at The Luss-May Ballroom (Atocha 125). Considering that Spain was still ruled by a fascist dictator, and persecution of the LGBTQ+ population was both brutal and common, her choosing to perform in Spain was a bold choice. However, thanks to people like Brigitte, La Movida Madrileña began to form and gain influence in a changing country, eventually making Spain one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly places in the world!

ABC Newspaper (Madrid), June 30, 1965

Original Article Text (Catalan)

Brigitte Bond, a former soldier of the British Empire and now a famous "star" of English song, has arrived in the capital of the sword to perform at the Luss-May ballroom. case analogous to that of the also famous Cocinelle, who performed in Madrid about two years ago. Miss Brigitte - twenty-three years old - after serving in the military as a gentleman, now saw her with a female passport as a major international attraction for music halls. Brigitte Bond has arrived in Madrid to make her debut in a brilliant party hall in Madrid: Luss-May.-R (Google Translation)

July 1, 1965

Another article was published sharing that Brigitte was performing in Spain

Diario de Burgos (Burgos), July 1, 1965

Original Article Text (Catalan)

We read that the stress of the song Brigitte Bond, which she describes in the ads as "beautiful and sculptural", is going to perform in Madrid. Today, this young singer, who travels with a female passport and is twenty-three years old, was until recently a soldier in the British Army, as she did military service without any kind of stick. And she was a non-canteen soldier, although she now sings. (Google Translate)

July 8, 1965 - August 5, 1965

Brigitte had a month-long residency at the Madrid branch of La Dolce Vita (Castelló, 24).

(ABC Newspaper, Madrid) Presenta la incomparable vedette internacional Brigitte Bond, diferente a todas…y las fabulosas modelos del ballet Sevilla Show. It presents the incomparable international star Brigitte Bond, different from all… and the fabulous models of the ballet Sevilla Show. (Google Translate)

July 15, 1965

The Stage (London), July 15, 1965
Brigitte Bond, who recently starred at La Dolce Vita, Newcastle, is now headlining for two months at La Dolce Vita Madrid. After her Spanish season she is likely to make a return visit to South Africa.

November 10, 1965 - January 13, 1966

Brigitte wrapped up 1965 and began 1966 with a residency at The York Club in (Av. Jose Antonio, 70, Madrid), alongside Amara Luz, ballet Alegrías, ballet Diabolinas, and Los Ortegas.

ABC Newspaper, Madrid, November 10, 1965 - January 13, 1966


June 18, 1966

Evangelist Dr. Billy Graham had been in London for a month-long crusade and visited Soho with plans to "speak and shake hands" with people in the notoriously "sinful" area. Brigitte upstaged the evangelist and caused him to cut his sermon short, which rarely happened during his decades-long career. There are many articles about this incident, so I've primarily focused on those specifically mentioning Brigitte.

The stripper and the evangelist... (Evening Post, Reading, June 18, 1966

Billy Socks The Devil in London (Daily News, NYC, June 19, 1966)

Fuss in Soho Sends Graham Back to Arena (Dayton Daily News, June 19, 1966)

Evangelist's British Crusade Running Into Trouble (Durham Morning Herald, June 19, 1966)

Zealots in the fleshpot (TIME Magazine, June 24, 1966)

Sunday Mirror (London), June 19, 1966
SIN AND MINI SKIRTS -by the girl on Billy Graham's car The strip girl who perched on evangelist Dr. Billy Graham's car iin Soho said yesterday: "Mini-skirts are NOT sinful. "It is all in the mind." The girl, blonde, brown-eyed Brigitte St. John, was trying to protest to Dr. Graham about his views that mini-skirts are "sinful." But she found herself on the roof of his car, cheered on by 2,000 men. Dr. Graham had planned an hour-long preaching tour of Soho on Friday night. It ended after five minutes when police dispersed the crowd - and Brigitte. Angry In Soho yesterday, Maltese-born Brigitte, 21, said: "I think Dr. Graham is doing a wonderful job. I would love to see him working but I just haven't the time. "But I felt really angry when I read that he said short skirts bring sin, and I wanted very much to tell him this. "But it was impossible to get near him because of the crowd. Suddenly I found myself on top of his car. "See this skirt i'm wearing now?" said Brigitte. "It is only six inches above my knees. "How can that be sinful? Sometimes I wear. a skirt ten inches above the knees. "That is not sinful, either. It is just fashionable. "Mind you, if they go any higher than ten inches the girls might as well wear nothing. at all. Artistry "They might just as well flaunt their bodies openly and that would be nasty," said Brigitte. "People will say stripping in front of men is sinful. It is not. "It is artistry, especially if it is done properly." Dr. Graham says. he intends to visit a basement coffee bar in Soho this week. If he does, Brigitte will be waiting. She said: "I will put on a MINI-MINI skirt and see what he thinks of that. "He may not like it, but the boys will - they appreciate fashions" (Photo caption: Strip girl Brigitte St. John yesterday in a thigh-high mini-skirt. sometimes wears one 10 inches above the knee)

The left photo is a scan of an actual photo I own, the middle photo is the article attached on the back.

(NY8-June 18) Billy Graham is popular in Soho -- Evangelist Billy Graham, gesturing to crowd in photo at left, is caught in a mob scene during a trip to Soho, London's so-called square mile of sin, yesterday. At right, a blond French stripper named Bridget, billed at Soho club as having changed from a man to a woman, is restrained after she climbed on top of Graham's car. Graham's planned visit of an hour was cut to ten minutes by the enthusiasm of crowd estimated at one to two thousand. (APWirephoto via cable from London) ph7075pw)1966
So, Ho Billy Evangelist Billy Graham gestures, left, as he is caught up in a mob scene during. atrip to Soho, called London's square mile of sin. At right a blonde French stripper known as Bridget, is restrained after she climbed on top of Graham's car. Graham's 'quiet walk,' scheduled to last an hour was cut to ten minutes by the over-enthusiasm of the crowd. Billy said later he hoped to return.

June 1967

Don Levy's Herostratus is released. This is Brigitte's earliest-known film role, and her footage was filmed in either 1964 or 1965. Her striptease is spliced throughout the movie, so I painstakingly edited all the clips she's in and pieced them together to make a somewhat cohesive striptease. Please note, this is age restricted, so you must watch on Youtube.

Additionally, she is credited as "Brigitte Saint John", which makes me wonder what the story of her name change actually is, and if the "Bond" name started and ended with Tom Littlewood's management.

October 13, 1966

It seems as though Brigitte had moved to Spain around this time, and an article mentioned that she had a role in the James Bond spoof, Casino Royale. Brigitte is not in the credits for this movie, but many people weren't. The production was notoriously troubled, and many scenes ended up cut.

Linea Mercia, Cádiz, October 13, 1966

Original Text (Catalan)

Bond Girls Also Want to Work in Spain Brigitte St. John, who has just finished shooting the movie "Casino Royale" with Peter Sellers. He has arrived in Spain to try his luck in our cinema She is a singer and dancer, but now she wants to become a good actress. The girl is beautiful and has a nice figure. The girl has just arrived in our country, mingled with those millions of tourists who visit us annually but, to tell the truth, she does not go unnoticed among them. Brigitte St. John, who is called in this way, will never go unnoticed, porque... well, just look at the photo to know the porque. Brigitte is twenty years old and dedicates herself to singing and dancing. Yes, I am a dancer and singer, and I have performed in many cabarets and ballrooms in Italy, France, and England. But I have intervened in several films; the last one was "Casino Royale", by James Bond, in which he worked alongside Peter Sellers. Where are you from? It's a bit complicated but I'll try I'd say. My mother is French and my father was Italian, but I was born on the island of Malta. Also, for more internationality, I have lived in several countries. How long will you stay in Spain? I don't know, but my intention is to stay for a long time, although for her it is necessary that I "fit in" in Spanish cinema. At the moment I have to fulfill a contract with a party hall in Madrid. One would spend the morning at Brigitte St. John but... we have to work. There is only the consolation that our film producers give you contracts, and in this way, when you continue in Madrid, you will be stoned when you interview him.

September 14, 1967 - November 21, 1967

Brigitte performed in a new stage show, "Symphonie de Couleurs" at El Biombo Chino (Isabel la Católica 6, at Casino de San Remo, Madrid). This show's cast was primarily with Joseph Montes, Carla, Helge and Ward, Edward y los Wyndis, Los Pekes, Juan Sanchez. Other performances included Vera Sanders, Los Sayonoras, Delores Ley, and Wendy and the Gardenian's.

ABC Newspaper, Madrid, September 14, 1967

HOY Inauguración de la temporada Presentando completo al fabuloso espectáculo del Casino de San Remo Con su primer bailarin y coreografo Joseph Montes Y como arttistas invitadas las grandes estrellas internacionales. CARLA Tres magnificas orquestas!!! EDWARD y los WYNDIS, LOS PEKES, y JUAN SANCHEZ TODAY Inauguration of the season Presenting complete at the fabulous show at the Casino de San Remo With his first dancer and choreographer Joseph Montes And as guest artists the great international stars. CARLA, BRIGITTE ST. JOHN, HELGE AND WARD Three magnificent orchestras!!! EDWARD y los WYNDIS, LOS PEKES, y JUAN SANCHEZ


Brigitte had been photographed between taxis in Gran Via, Madrid. I found comments such as this one online about Brigitte's traffic-stopping beauty and presence in Madrid.

Diario de Burgos, September 20, 1967

Original Text (Catalan)

Advertising eccentricity is what the explosive Brigitte St. John offered us a few days ago in the middle of Gran Vía, allowing herself to be photographed in full skirt between two taxis, in the middle of the road, and with a huge cluster of "stunned onlookers" around her. She is looking for a position in the cinema, and she does not fail to take advantage of the circumstance to get to know each other, by any method. (Google Translate)

January 6, 1968-January 13, 1968

Brigitte performed at Night Club Flamingo (Francisco Gonzáles, Diaz, 1, Ciudad Jardin) in Gran Canaria.

El Eco de Canarias, January 6 & January 13, 1968

Brigitte Sto John (Spanish)

Brigitte Sto John (Google Translate)

Night Club Flamingo Advertisement (Spanish)

Night Club Flamingo Advertisement (Google Translate)

Brigitte St John (Spanish)

Brigitte St John (Google Translate)

June 20, 1968 - July 25, 1968

Brigitte had a month-long residency at the York Club (Av. Jose Antonio, 70, Madrid) in Madrid, performing alongside Lolita Rivera, Nita, Mincha, and Coccinelle.

(ABC Madrid Newspaper)

October 2, 1968

Performed in "Grande Poeta é o Zé!" at Teatro Maria Vitória in Lisbon, Portugal. I am not sure if she was in the performance. or an opening act.

Diário de Lisboa, October 2, 1968


January 20, 1969

"La muchacha del Nilo"(also released as "The Girl of the Nile", "The Emerald of Aratama", and "Misterio en el Nilo"), starring Rory Calhoun and Nuria Torray premiered in Spain. Brigitte performed a supporting role as "Brigitte St. Shons", and has a featured dance. You may see this movie here, if you're interested.


"La esclava del paraíso" (also released as "1001 Nights" and "Sharaz") premiered in Spain. Brigitte performs a role as "the king's favorite wife". You may watch this movie here, if you're interested. Brigitte is on the far right of the "Sharaz" poster below.

Brigitte claims to have been in over 100 movies in this period - if you think you see her in a movie, let me know!


February 1970

Brigitte appeared in the February 1970 issues of Beautiful Britons Magazine and Spick Magazine. Photos from the same photoshoot appeared in the April 1972 issue of Spick Magazine. For uncensored photos, purchase a copy of these magazines and support the archivist at Vintage Fetish.


In the early 1970s, Brigitte performed at New York Night Club (Escudillers, 5) in Barcelona, Spain.


May 28, 1971 - May 31, 1971

Brigitte performed a few dates at Teatro Alcione (Corso Regina Margherita, 134) in Torino, Italy.

La Stampa, Turin, May 31, 1971

December 8, 1971 - December 11, 1971

Brigitte performed a few dates at Teatro Alcione (Corso Regina Margherita, 134) in Torino, Italy.

La Stampa, Turin, December 8, 1971


May 15, 1972 - May 21, 1972 Brigitte performed a few dates at Teatro Alcione (Corso Regina Margherita, 134) in Torino, Italy.

La Stampa, Turin, May 22, 1972

August 19, 1972 - August 26, 1972

Brigitte performed a few dates at Nueva Romana (Carretera de La Coruña, kilómetro 9,200) in Madrid, alongside Eva Greiner and Nano Martín.

ABC Madrid, August 19, 1972



Gay Club (Paseo del Prado , 48, almost on the corner of Atocha) opened in Madrid on December 21, 1974. Brigitte performed at Gay Club, likely in their "Loco, loco cabaret" show, alongside Paco Espana. I am not 100% sure about the specifics. of her time at Gay Club, but given the surrounding details of her life, it seems as though it was in its early days.

Additioally, keep in mind how much of a daring move this was, considering Spain was still under an oppressive dictatorship where homosexuality was illegal, and many LGBTQ+ lives were lost during his regime. Below is an interview with Paco Espana describing working with Brigitte at Gay Club from Carla Antonelli's website.

Paco Espana on Brigitte (Spanish)

Paco Espana on Brigitte (English, Google Translate)


1975 Brigitte was contracted to perform in Palma, Balearic Islands, for only two weeks, however, her act was so popular, she ended up staying four months. I am not sure if her entire time was at Jartan's (Carrer d'Antonia Martínez Fiol, 1), or at another club on the island, like Tito's. If you were there, let me know!

March 12, 1976 - March 24, 1976

Brigitte performed at the Rialto (R. San Pablo, 34.) in Barcelona with Remo and Nathalie, and Manolo de Vega. She also performed one date with Basil and Chantal.

La Vanguardia Española

RIALTO. (R. San Pablo, 34.) — Todas las noches: Show internacional con Brigitte St. John, Remo et Nathalie y Manolo de Vega. (Pase del show a las 12 y 1'30). Tardes: Discoteca. RIALTO. (R. San Pablo, 34.) - Every Night: International Show with Brigitte St. John, Remo and Nathalie and Manolo de Vega. (Pass of the show at 12 and 1'30). Afternoons: Disco.

April 3, 1976 - May 2,1976

Brigitte performed a month-long residency at Club Scarlet (Alcalde Costa, 43) in Lleida, Spain. During his residency, she performed alongside Riki Show, Mary Montilla, May Doll, Sonia Escudero, Ines Medina, Los Trianeros, Uya Lin, Angelines Roca.

Diario de Lerida

April 8, 1976

An interview with Brigitte was published in Diario de Lerida. This is her last-known interview, and her residency at Club Scarlet was the last time I found proof of her actively performing.

Self define como: «girl-showman; dentro del espectácnío del musíc hall: (Spanish)

Self defines as: “girl-showman; inside the hall music show: (English, Google Translate)


If you have any information on Brigitte, what happened to her, or saw her perform, please contact EVERY TIP MATTERS! Thank you!

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