Hi! I'm Joanna. I'm a life-long nerd who is passionate about creating and making. 

This creative endeavor started organically in a Star Wars fangirl group I created, Galactic Fempire. Members wanted something to represent their kinship and love for the community, so they requested I make a few items such as pins, patches, and shirts. One design turned into a few, and the response was overwhelmingly positive! With that response came motivation, and here I am!

Why "Miss Upsetter"? Like I mentioned before, I'm a huge dork, and that name stems from another passion of mine, Jamaican Music. I started DJing and selecting Jamaican 45s in 2003 and needed a "DJ name". I chose it on the fly and it has stuck with me for most of my life. 


Products on this site are all designed by me, packed by me, and shipped by me. This is a one-woman show fueled by passion. I design things that I am inspired by, things I love, and things I get excited about. Expect lots of Star Wars, Jamaican Music, Sailor Moon, Feminism, Boston Terriers, Mid-Century, and Japanese influences. 

I am so excited you are here - I cannot wait to share my passion and hard work with you!