You asked and I delivered - the third run of the Galactic Fempire enamel pins is gold with purple glitter!

Show your love and membership of the BEST star wars fangirl group around!! (...I may be biased)

Please note that some of the pigment from the glitter may appear on the symbol of the pin. It is not very noticeable, but some bleeding occurred during the hard enamel process.

Glitter Galactic Fempire Enamel Pin

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    • Gold Metal Colored-Coated Zinc Alloy
    • Purple Glitter
    • Hard Enamel
    • Size: 1.5" Tall by 1.14" wide (3.81 cm tall by 2.89 cm wide)
    • Thickness: 1.5mm
    • Two Back Pins
    • Black Clutches
  • Standard Grade pins have no flaws on the face of the pin. Light scuffs from the metal plating process are common and considered standard quality.


    B-Grade pins have small imperfections. This could be small sections without hard enamel, under-filled or over-filled enamel, inconsistent transparency, inconsistent glitter distribution, etc.