Cloud Rider. Marauder. Rebel. 


Enfys was one of the biggest surprises for me in "Solo" - I did not expect her to be who she was and I didn't expect to love her as much as I do. I wanted to go all-out on a design to give her some love, because there's not a lot of Enfys goodness out there! 


This pin has A LOT going on! This is a hinged pin, so the mask opens to reveal her face. The front mask portion is silver metal with hard enamel. The face portion is black metal and screen printed freckles. The pin has two prongs on the back with rubber closures


Helmet portion of pin is 2" tall by 1.4" wide.

Face portion of pin is 1.06" tall by 0.8" wide.


Fun fact: "Enfys" is Welsh for "Rainbow" and "Nest" is the Welsh form of "Agnes", which means "Holy" or "Pure". So, our girl is either a Holy Rainbow or a Pure Rainbow.

Enfys Nest Hinged Hard Enamel Pin


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